How to deal with a flooded washing machine

Flooded Washing Machine Emergency Service

How to deal with a flooded washing machine

One of the leading causes of emergency flood calls in the home is the result of a flooded washing machine.

First off it’s important to avoid over-stuffing the washer with laundry. Today’s washing machines can utilize 20 to 30 gallons of water per load (that’s a lot of water to clean up if your washer overflows and floods your laundry room). Not only can your washer flood from the front or top of the machine it can also originate from an unseen location such as the bottom or back of the machine. First thing you want to consider doing in the case of a washing machine flood is to cut off the electric power supply at the fuse box or circuit breaker. Pressing the washing machines cancel button can often make the flooding worse by automatically advancing to the drain cycle. So, it’s very important to cut the power source as soon as possible.

Electric shock is a possibility when pulling out the power cord because it could be exposed to standing water. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PULL THE POWER CORD FROM ITS POWER SOURCE.

If you are one of those Do It Yourselfers you can pull the machine away from the wall and inspect its hoses. Check for any loose connections or old damaged hoses.

Many washing machine companies will encourage consumers to call a professional to deal with service issues and problems that may arise. That’s where Zoom Restoration comes in. Our trained and professional flood emergency restoration technicians are on call 24/7.